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Hand Stamped and Personalized

Send me a License to Slay!

You will receive one (1) License to Slay personally stamped with your name and unique license number AND one (1) Certificate of Authority (8.5" x 11") customized with your name and license number. Carry the License to Slay in your wallet and display the Certificate of Authority on your wall.

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Why is everyone getting a License to Slay?

What do others have to say?

"You spent $10 on what?!"   -  Your mom.

"I love my License to Slay"   -  Everyone else.

"I've been poaching dragons for years and never been caught!" - No one ever.

"The only thing we have to fear...is fire breathing dragons, and fear itself." - Frank Roosevelt.

"I like stamping these things all day."  -  John F. -  Mythography Division at the Bureau of Dragons.

"No thanks."  -  Drew Barrymore.

You Gotta Be Certified!

$9.95 fee

plus shipping.

Send me a License to Slay

Who is the Bureau of Dragons?

Ok...I'm curious.

Disclaimer: All "Dragon" references by this website, License to Slay, and the Bureau of Dragons are the mythical kind.