One Great Gift Idea For Your Geek Partner

You living with a geek? Consider yourself lucky. Your geek hero is probably somewhat unique, creative, imaginative and loyal. However, when it comes to expressing your love and appreciation with a unique gift...geeks can be difficult. “What game should I buy for him?” “I don’t get the dungeons thing.” “Will she like this comic book?”

Here’s an idea that shows your affection, but requires no real guesswork on your part: the License to Slay from the Bureau of Dragons . (The Bureau of Dragons is the agency responsible for all dragon-human interactions.)

 They has a vintage, quality feel. Included is a cool certificate that can be framed and displayed. Even the envelope is stamped with the official seal of the Bureau.

For $9.95 plus postage, I’d say this beats a similarly priced greeting card by a jousting lance! Check out and .