Recap of Conquest 49

Whew! Kansas City was a great time for the staff of The Bureau of Dragons!

We don't get out of our office much, with all the paperwork, applications, licensing, etc. It was kind of Secretary Baston to send us out in the field.

Roland and I met some really great people out in KC. Wonderful folks with interesting stories and a love of all things fantasy.

Many thanks from the Bureau to Jim, Suspenders Dragon, Morning Star, Jelani, Ambassador Dan, DM David, Jennifer, Fetch Dragon, Stephen and Julie, Shawn and Mary, and everyone else that stopped by our booth. On Friday evening, I got to play some old school dnd with some of these folks.

Many more conventions are in the cards. Stop by the Bureau's booth if you see us out in the field.

All the best, 

John Feldman

Mythography Division, The Bureau of Dragons