Who is the Bureau of Dragons?

The Bureau of Dragons (BoD) is a non-governmental agency tasked with monitoring all known dragon-human interactions, and the sole regulatory body for issuing a License to Slay.

 We are...

  1. the only agency authorized to issue a genuine License to Slay Dragons.
  2. support for heroes like yourself that choose to chase fire breathing dragons.  
  3. an educational institution, doing research, providing information, and training those holding a License to Slay.
  4. a monitoring agency which reports threat levels from potentially hostile dragons.
  5. an investigative agency which has jurisdiction over dragon poaching, illegal hunting, and dragon farming.
  6. the regulatory body which maintains and enforces the International Hunting Code for Dragons.

For more information visit the Bureau of Dragons.


What is a License to Slay?

A License to Slay is a physical card that you can carry with you.  It is hand stamped with your name and unique license number. Included is the Certificate of Authority that looks great framed on your wall or credenza. Together, these documents are the credentials verifying that you are certified.


 What does it do?

The License to Slay does three main things:

  1. Grants you full authority to hunt and slay dragons according to the International Hunting Regulation Code,
  2. Signifies that you are one of a group of like-minded individuals with the imagination to see beyond the ordinary,
  3. Allows you to assist the Wardens involving cases of dragon poaching or other hunting code violations.


What if I get caught slaying a dragon without a License to Slay?

Don't even ask this question. You don't want to know.


Who is Louis Baston?

Louis Baston is the One-Hundred and First Secretary of the Bureau of Dragons. In this capacity, he is the sole authority with powers to issue a License to Slay. Louis Baston is the final authority on all dragon slaying matters. His authority has been handed down through the ages from the First Scribe.


Why is the License to Slay so powerful?

You now belong to a group of certified license holders, and should have confidence in knowing that you are not alone. The License to Slay is physical proof that you are crazy enough to pursue dragons. Certified hunters rest well, knowing that they are an important part in protecting the innocent from cruel dragons.


What about that red number on the License?

The number is important. Memorize it. You will need it.  You may be asked to assist with BoD investigations and cases, and the number will become important.


How can I assist with BoD Investigations and Cases?

License holders can help by monitoring the Bureau website for additional information and training opportunities in the Warden Portal (Bureau of Dragons)